Here are photos from their website if you don’t believe me:

This is what you get in the “Asian Ornaments” section

This is what you get in the “Native American” section.

In fact, if you search “girl” or “boy” or “person”, the only one I found that was not white was Dora the Explorer. Maybe they have a few disney characters or something but I didn’t search for those and also you shouldn’t have to find a cartoon character just to find an ornament that your family can relate to.

I went to a Christmas store today

(and yes, they stress that it’s a CHRISTmas store and NOT a holiday store) and it’s the largest store of its kind in the United States. I was meeting someone there in the parking lot and I had time to kill, so I went inside to look around.

There is a section of “ornaments around the world” and I was looking through it. Africa, India, Thailand, etc and I’m looking at these…..and I’m noticing….all of the characters are white. The dancer from India, the martial arts ornament from Japan….all white. Blond, blue eyed.

I mean….this is just insane, right? Is it not? If you’re actually Japanese I’m assuming you would want an ornament to at least somewhat resemble you? If you’re a white person and you’re buying Japanese ornaments, I’m assuming you have some reason for doing so (you’ve been to Japan, you’re banging a Japanese person, you lived there)….and you would somehow not be ok with the Japanese character actually being Japanese?? What is this?

I didn’t know that even ornaments could be racist. As a white person I think maybe I just don’t see it sometimes? I don’t know but this is ridiculous. I’m going to contact the store tomorrow and ask why they only carry white people stuff and where they get their ornaments. I’ll let you know what happens.

One Fun Thing

I like to do when I’m drunk is leave my browser windows open so I can see what I googled the next day. Today’s menu:

"Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Know About the Illuminati"
“Which Psychological Complex Do I Have?”
“Aspirin and Rimadyl?”

So, yeah. No closing thoughts.

My rabbit died this morning, peacefully on a blanket in the back yard. I mean…I guess it was peaceful. I don’t know how it feels, or maybe I do but forgot. I sat out on the ground with her for an hour, got up and went in the house for 10 minutes, came back and she was gone.

It was a tumor in her face, and she was too old for surgery. We tried everything else we could but there was nothing left. I chose not to put her to sleep because she still played, ran around the house, and stole chocolate out of my purse. She was happy. Until last night, when she looked a little tired. And this morning, at around 7:30, when she left.

Some people wouldn’t care about a rabbit, but she was like a dog to me and I had her for 10 years, so it’s pretty significant. Her absence is very real and raw and constant. She is not here. The house looks the same, and I feel like it shouldn’t. Shouldn’t there be a hole in the floor or the wall? Shouldn’t something be broken? Shouldn’t a rabbit who lived 14 years live at least another 14?

When you have a pet, you kind of delude yourself into thinking they’ll always be there. You imagine your future: moving away, getting married, going to grad school, whatever, and you always picture them there. How can you imagine life without them? And then they leave and you have to erase future photos and memories because they did not really exist.

Rest in peace Cray. I hope you had a good life. You will be missed.

Why is it that every time a butterfly lands on me, I am filled with wonder and awe at the magic that exists in the world; and every time a moth lands on me, I scream as if the devil is trying to rip my soul out of my lungs?

I used to talk endless shit about Michigan and how much I hated it and couldn’t wait to leave, but I’m trying to be more positive and now realize that there are many things I love about this state. Summer and Fall are amazing, and if you’ve never been to Mackinac Island or the Upper Peninsula, put that on your bucket list because seriously. It’s beautiful. We have great thunderstorms, our houses are nicely spaced with great back yards, housing is affordable (borderline insanely cheap but it’s coming back now) and the people are friendly.

Don’t get me wrong, the roads suck ass and I hate winter more than I hate anything else in the world, but right now it’s 75 degrees outside and sunny and I’m happy right where I am.


I can add “getting bit in the face by a foster dog” to my list of things I’ve done this summer.

It seriously wasn’t my fault. I keep making excuses for his behavior but I mean…I didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve contacted every dog behaviorist in the area and heard back from one, who eventually stopped responding. So I’m just going to contact them all again.

I’m not going to shed very many tears when this dog gets adopted. I just need to get him some therapy or some weed or something. I’m going to do absolutely everything I can for him, but I’m not really his biggest fan right now.

I don’t think I need stitches but I’m going to be rocking the “I swear these scabs around my lip aren’t herpes” look this summer.

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